Dare to be Different!

Dare to be Different!

A talented resin geode artist ready to turn heads with his humongous life-sized art pieces  




"A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others." ~ Salvador Dali



That, in short, sums up the stupendous journey undertaken by banker turned artist Ritesh Singla in pursuit of his passion for art. Determined to make a difference with his exceptional creativity and unique artistic sensibility, Ritesh burst into the art scene with the launch of his foremost venture called resinandritesh on 1st January 2021. The brand strives to capture the elegance and versatility of resin geode art through stunning, life-size art pieces. Ritesh’s strength lies in geode art.




What it's all about





The startup aims to make resin art accessible and exciting so that every individual feels inspired to take up this artform without getting intimidated by its immensity. Ritesh takes as much pride in teaching the intricacies of resin art as in making some of the most stunning resin art creations. He's well in his elements while remodeling the look of natural rock formations or creating some abstract structures with crushed glass, crystals and tinted resin, adding glitter and paint for an extravagant finish.
















Time for a new beginning




Ritesh's tryst with colors, creativity and art began during the tough times of the Covid pandemic when many of us were beginning to rethink and reshape our life's priorities. Having been a professional banker for two decades, Ritesh wanted to do something more fulfilling. Instead of chasing money, he wanted to chase his long-cherished dream of becoming an artist. At a time when people were losing their jobs due to Covid, he took a brave decision of quitting his stable, high-paying job at the age of 48 to give his dream a chance. Thus, with an initial investment of 15 lakhs, Ritesh began to work on his startup, resinandritesh.
















Dare to be different!



resinandritesh is not driven by commercial success. It's driven by love and devotion towards art. Perhaps that explains the selective and unique nature of its products which are starkly different from other resin art products available in the market. The Gurgaon-based startup provides shipping services all over India.


The dedicated artist that he is, Ritesh says yes only to those products and projects that offer something challenging, out-of-the-box and extraordinary. He has crafted beautiful coasters, classy tabletops, 3d art installations using the timeless magic of resin art. The floral resting table made of resin and dry flowers in gloss finish are sure to catch your attention.


The Instagram page of resinandritesh gives a sneak peek into its founder's extraordinary creations. The gorgeous resin door stands out for its stylish, exquisite look that's as unique as it gets. The bright and beautiful pair of angel wings is all set to infuse life into dull, ordinary walls, thus transforming the whole ambience of the room. Moreover, you can consider decking up the walls with colossal geodes for a grand and glorious appearance.







Glimpse of the future




The plan is to expand the brand such that it is counted as one of the topmost names in the country for resin geode art products. Ritesh wants his products to be an essential part of people's lives, maybe as a wall hanging in their homes, creative furniture in their offices or something else that's fresh and innovative.


Besides serving more than 100 customers, Ritesh has taught around 500 to 800 students across India. That eagerness to share his knowledge and make others fall in love with the process of creation is what makes Riteshand his startup stand out from the rest. In fact, his boundless passion for art has inspired him to explore and experiment and come up with art pieces that you've probably never seen before.


To know more visit - http://www.resinandritesh.com/






You can get in touch with Ritesh on +91 9654444338

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