Destiny Rules!

"Samay Se Pehle aur Kismat se zyada na mila hai na milega"

Every Person has a pre written destiny, which no person can avoid or change. Same happened with me also

I am resident of Gurgaon, India and my journey fits aptly to the above quote.

I remember during my school days i used to love to sketch and draw - my favorite was mickey mouse and disney characters. But this was was my hobby and never wished art or drawing to be pursued as a profession. Along with this I was also inclined towards technical curiosities - which overpowered everything I burnt mid night oils to get my self in to engineering colleges. And i landed up in one - Thapar Institue of Engg and Technology. 

And then what - another idot (referring  3 Idiots movie) into the race to succeed and grab a well paying job. So the mad race started and I lost touch with my creative side.

And then, life happened!

An excited and energetic young lad over 20 years ago - kept working day and night in every field - from automobile to Banking - doing everything and anything except what i have studied in engineering. Wandering why did i do engineering in the 1st place.


But as the saying goes ‘once an artist always an artist’! 

After a hiatus of 20 years of working in corporate world the art KEEDA bit me again, I again picked up the brush (did not know that this time it will be for good). But after few sketches , got bored and wanted to try some new and exciting art forms. Moved to spray painting, did not like it or say failed after spending a bomb on the can of all colors and brands. Then found fluid art interesting, starting pouring, with limited no of supplies in india managed to do something out of it. 

Liked fluid art as concept, but some how did not find it challenging enough or say less exciting, since the medium did not let you do much with it and you are at the mercy of the medium rather other way around.

While working with dirty pours, flip cups and varied techniques of fluid art, I found himself drawn to another medium which was ‘Epoxy Resin’.

So here I am - a self taught Resin Artist - yes you read it right , i have taken no training, no guidance, no hand holding while exploring this medium.

 I feel the best way to learn this art is - practice, practice, practice - which will give you entertainment, entertainment, entertainment. Ya, I know i brought some thoughts to your mind - well that is the fun part about this art. 

The art is abstract in nature, and is fast and unique. I guess this is what caught my attention. The element of surprise in this art, is what keeps it away from getting boring!

This is my 1st blog , so ending it abruptly, will get better at it soon...

please feel free to comment , write back , ask me anything - i love to hear and learn ...







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