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Ritesh Singla's Love for Art

Being born the youngest in the family of highly qualified lawyers and doctors, he marked his place by securing a position in the top three in Mechanical Engineering. Though books were never his best friend yet the mechanical engineering degree came in as a bonus.

But as the saying goes ‘once an artist always an artist’! There came a time in life when Ritesh could not stop the urge to Google what was new in the art world. He learned about fluid art. Fluid painting is a fun art technique that uses thin paints to create utterly unique artworks without the use of traditional brushwork.

He found it the best option to start experimenting again after a gap of 20 years, as fluid art is a quick process and seemed a perfect match for Ritesh’s dropped patience level over the years. Sitting for hours at a place to draw and paint did not seem to be his choice anymore.

Experimenting with New Forms of Art - From Acrylic Pour To Resin Geode

While working with dirty pours, flip cups, and varied techniques of fluid art, Ritesh found himself drawn to another medium which was ‘Epoxy Resin’. Digging deeper about the medium he realized that it is a chemical-based art that involves health risks too. So he decided to stay happy experimenting with fluid paintings or commonly known as acrylic pouring.

Well, for any artist, it is unavoidable to not venture into the unknown realms of new art forms, especially after knowing it exists out there. Because that’s where the real creative adventure lies.

A month later, with the help of YouTube tutorials began his quest of resin art projects. After some failures and learning through trials and errors, Ritesh was able to get a hold of the medium. And boom the artist in him was alive again.


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