Dare to be Different!

resinandritesh is not driven by commercial success. It's driven by love and devotion towards art. Perhaps that explains the selective and unique nature of its products which are starkly different from other resin art products available in the market. The Gurgaon-based startup provides shipping services all over India.


The dedicated artist that he is, Ritesh says yes only to those products and projects that offer something challenging, out-of-the-box and extraordinary. He has crafted beautiful coasters, classy tabletops, 3d art installations using the timeless magic of resin art. The floral resting table made of resin and dry flowers in gloss finish are sure to catch your attention.


The Instagram page of resinandritesh gives a sneak peek into its founder's extraordinary creations. The gorgeous resin door stands out for its stylish, exquisite look that's as unique as it gets. The bright and beautiful pair of angel wings is all set to infuse life into dull, ordinary walls, thus transforming the whole ambience of the room. Moreover, you can consider decking up the walls with colossal geodes for a grand and glorious appearance.