"A Glimpse into the Artistic Future

The vision is to elevate our brand to the pinnacle of recognition in the realm of resin geode art products within our country. Ritesh aspires for his creations to become an integral facet of people's lives, whether adorning their homes as exquisite wall hangings, gracing their offices as innovative furniture, or finding fresh and inspiring roles in their daily routines.

Beyond the satisfaction of serving a thriving community of over 100 customers, Ritesh has embarked on a remarkable journey of mentorship, sharing his expertise with an impressive cohort of 500 to 800 students spanning the length and breadth of India. It is this unwavering commitment to imparting knowledge and instilling a passion for the art of creation that distinguishes Ritesh and his startup. His boundless ardor for the world of art continues to drive him, leading to the invention of art pieces that push the boundaries of imagination, quite possibly unveiling artistic marvels hitherto unseen