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Ek Onkar

Ek Onkar

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Art is an outlet for a craftsman to express their imagination through creative means. Handcrafted works promote ethical standards, due to the attention to detail and care given to each piece.

I'm humbled by how God has graced me to create the celestial beauty of 'Ek Onkar', one of my signature artwork pieces. With its positive energy, it will add an air of holiness to your home while providing a sense of peace and joy.

II began my artistic journey in the realm of mysticism and faith, and culminated in the realm of aesthetics and brilliance.

This piece is made with top class Epoxy and can be done n colours of your choice for the background. The minimum size available for this one is 4feet by 3 feet or 48inches by 36 inches. It can be created in your desired size. The Ek Onkar piece is crafted to last with a high-quality finish. It's an exquisite way to make a statement in your home or office.

How to Order-You can select your desired size and shape. Later, you shall receive an email for the order confirmation. You will receive time slots for the discussion about the colour, specifications if any with our team. After final agreement, we shall process your order. We take a minimum of 25 days  turn around time. Kindly note, the shipping charges will be extra according to your location.

How to take care of your art-Since its a delicate piece of art created with finest stones and epoxy ,while cleaning ,do not dust ,use the vaccum cleaner to blow away the dirt. Some edges may be sharp  since it is made with natural quartz stones. Do not use any cleaning detergents as it might damage the art piece. Exercise caution while cleaning.

 Disclaimer-Since it is a handmade product ,a 100% replica is never possible .Minor imperfections might be there due to the nature of the product being handmade.

Remember, the beauty of handmade lies in their imperfections ,anything perfect is machine made.




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