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OPAL RESIN ART - Watch and Learn

OPAL RESIN ART - Watch and Learn

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Online OPALArt - watch and Learn-2 days  zoom class screen recording with lifetime recording access.
You will learn the popular Opal art frames (2 frames in same class)
Without kit recording only - 3999
What are you going to learn
- Technique to create the effect
- use of texture
- ⁠Beginner friendly resin class
- ⁠How to use alcohol ink with resin
- ⁠Mastering different patterns to create different effects on the base so that you can diversify your learning
- ⁠How to use different elements like precious stones, glitter effects to enhance your final piece
You will get full material list with vendor detail in the recording 

- opalart

- resin art opal effect 

- opal art


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