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Resin and Wood Lamps

Resin and Wood Lamps

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Resin lamp is a style statement in itself and  is an interesting application of Epoxy Art. Thanks to the transparent, easily diffused light, easy to mix with many different colors, the resin lamps are a perfect decoration for the living room, bedroom or office. To ensure the best gloss and transparency, we use the finest resin to keep your vision unobstructed when seeing the details inside the wood and resin.

You can even customise these resin lamps using elements like fish, sea turtle, diver  or feel free to suggest anything and be a part of the designing process.

How to Order-You can select your desired size and shape. Later, you shall receive an email for the order confirmation. In case of customised order, you will receive time slots for the discussion about the colour, specifications if any with our team. After final agreement, we shall process your order. We take a minimum of 15 days turn around time. Kindly note, the shipping charges will be extra according to your location.

Shipping Cost-It will depend on where do you want us to ship this unique handmade piece of art.

Important Info about resin-Although we use the top notch resin and take all necessary precautions all resins become slightly yellow over a period of time. It needs to be protected from direct sunlight and should not be displayed outdoors.

Disclaimer-Since it is a handmade product ,a 100% replica is never possible .Since it is a natural product some cracks and shape changes can occur, this is just a wood's natural process of life! Minor imperfections might be there due to the nature of the product being handmade.

Remember, the beauty of handmade lies in their imperfections ,anything perfect is machine made.

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